BO Properties Database Primary Key

Hi All,

I haven't ever played around with this area (see title).

Version 8.3.2

Situation:  I have many Ci types (Desktop, Laptop, Mobile, Tablet, etc), and we create a manual record when a new piece of equipment is delivered.  I only ask the Service Desk to fill in the Serial Number, and purchase info.  As soon as the device is on the network our Asset Management solution, discovers it.

As a consequence I have a routine (external data map) from Cherwell to Asset Management solution, with the serial number as the unique id.

As a result a scheduled routine will update any record with a matching serial number, rather than create a new record, with all the additional field information (OS, IP, bios, CPU, Mem, etc).

However this doesn't stop a member of staff accidentally creating a new manual record with the same serial number.

Solution Request:  I want to prevent staff creating a duplicate record from the same CI type with the same serial number if it already exists.

I have been looking at the the BO properties, database, primary key.  This naturally has RedID, but offer the opportunity to add additions.  However when I had serialnumber, and publish I notice it drops this.  I'm guessing this is because you can only have one primary key?  It would make sense, but why offer to add additions?  If this is the case, I'm I safe to remove RecID and substitute it for serialnumber?  Also would this resolve my request?