How to auto populate a field based on another field being populated
CSM/CAM Version : CSM 9.30


I've only recently started working with Cherwell administrator.  I would like to auto populate, the value used will be based on the values given in another field (date field).  I created a one step which did this but I wasn't able to see how I can run the onestep based on completion of another field, can onesteps be run this way ?

I then looked at the auto populate configuration within the field I wanted populated and using a custom expression.  The custom expression I created was a case one and if the criteria wasn't met then I wanted to assign the value 'Failed' to the field but looking at the assign element it needs to be a field I have to use ?

I come from a Remedy background and would achieve this end by creating an active link, how are people achieving this via Cherwell ?