Is it possible to set up a system status on the Cherwell portal that is automatically updated by incidents and change requests?
CSM/CAM Version : CSM 9.20

We currently have a system status page on our website, but we would like to move this to our Cherwell portal with the ability to automatically update when a certain number of incidents occur or when a change request is entered that requires downtime for a system. We would also like the ability to manually change the status. We are currently using Cherwell 9.2 which we upgraded from 7.2.

  • You can calculate this information (except perhaps maybe not the manual bit, unless you use a case statement that also checks a stored value) by using a metric to return the number of incidents / other objects meeting a given search criteria.

    Use this metric and/or case expression inside an expression determining visibility, foreground/background color, image selection, etc.