Greying Screen on Portal when trying to connect to Service Catalog
CSM/CAM Version : CSM 9.50


Back in January, we upgraded our Cherwell instance to 9.5.1. We were on 9.1. Initially everything seemed to go Ok. But after about 24 hrs or so, the Portal seems to lose its connection to the Service catalog. It will still load and surface, and other links such as to the calendar or My Requests still work fine from the home page. But when we select the Service Catalog we get the grey screen...forever. The only way to fix this and get back up and running is to:

1) Restart IIS

2) Highlight Cherwell Portal from IIS

3) Select Browse port 443 on the far right of IIS screen

The portal surfaces and asks for credentials. I put them in and hrs or so.

Support has not been able to help in any meaningful way, they have tried.

Any tips would be appreciated.