Cherwell Support Incident Form (customer view)
CSM/CAM Version : CSM 9.60

When viewing an Incident on the Cherwell Support portal, the form seems to have an embedded search result list widget for journals at the bottom. I am very curious to know how this was accomplished.

Inspecting the page reveals that the Journal section has the class splitterPane, and the Journal objects themselves are a listItem ui-widget. Grid items in a splitter have the class k-grid. This makes me think this is a Search Result List widget embedded in the form, and not some fancy work done with the splitter / form arrangement. The results do not extend all the way to the side of the window, which makes me think this is not a splitter grid. The journals are also in a format of a Result List, rather than a grid. However I don't see how this is possible, aside from doing some kind of customization that wouldn't be available to me.

The reason I would like to know how to do this, is because I do not like the splitter pane at all on the portal. I also do not like frames within frames that cause scroll bars on embedded forms within the main form itself. I would like to be able to have the system display a single page, that, if needed, creates a single scrollable page that extends down as far as it needs to - which is how the form is displayed on the Cherwell Support page.

Does anyone have any insight on this or perhaps some tips to accomplish what I'm looking for?