CherwellClient:// URL to list all records in a specific BO


Hopefully a quick & easy one for someone - I can't find a list of the different "CherwellClient://" commands anywhere. All I want to do is create a URL that will link to a particular BO and list all records - rather than a URL that directly links to one record.


What I want: CherwellClient://commands/goto?rectype=Vendor&PublicID=??? (everything!)





  • Figured it out. You can use stored queries in the URL.

    e.g. CherwellClient://commands/goto?rectype=RecordType&Search=Stored%20Query%20Name
  • Just an FYI ... But for blue pill commands, open a command prompt and enter:

    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Cherwell Software\Cherwell Service Management\Trebuchet.App.exe" /?

    It will give you a list of options...

    Sample from our environment = "C:\Program Files (x86)\Cherwell Software\Cherwell Service Management\Trebuchet.App.exe" -c DEV -gp Incident 13056
  • Graham's instructions aren't quite correct.  If you are trying to do run a saved search / stored query you need to do it using the "group=", not the "search=" parameter.  For instance: CherwellClient://commands/goto?rectype=incident&Group=Stored%20Query%20Name.  The command Graham specified would would return a list of the specified RecordType (incident, task, etc) that had the text "Stored Query Name" anywhere in them.

    The instructions for using the CherwellClient:// command can be found here:

    I have found some quirks involved in using it on the PCs at my work:

    1. On most PCs you can just run the CherwellClient:// command directly from the Run command or within a program.  I have found that on some PCs this apparently isn't setup properly and you will have to precede it with the Trebuchet app path, like MattJ specified, followed by the CherwellClient:// command.

    2. The instructions on the Cherwell site have a section labeled "Go to a Search Group" that indicates how to open a saved search / stored query.  The instructions mention using the ScopeName and ScopeOwner if you want to run a search that's in a user or team folder, but after some testing I've found that these parameters are ignored with the Desktop client (version 9.01).  Even if you specify them, Cherwell will only look for saved searches in the Global folders, and that's it.

    3. Saved Searches cannot have certain characters in the name, or the search won't work, at least on the desktop client.  Even if you URL encode the characters (replace the characters with a % plus the two digit code for that character, like %20 for a space), I have found that characters like a dash and slash ("/") can't be in the saved search name or the search fails to work.  If the search fails you don't get an error, you just get a new Cherwell window opening to the default screen and staying there, rather than running the search.

    4. Executing a saved search can also be accomplished like MattJ suggested by using the Trebuchet app path, along with the -gs switch.  Put quotes around the search name if it has spaces.  For instance:  "C:\Program Files (x86)\Cherwell Software\Cherwell Service Management\Trebuchet.App.exe" -gs Incident "Stored Query Name"