Hiding the "Help" icon, top right corner of Portal

Hello Cherwell Users,

Just wanted to share something we figured out in case it helps someone else. We are running Cherwell 8.0.1.

We were asked to hide the Help icon in the Self Service Portal (appears near login, top right):

I found a CSS override file within the Portal's files (looks like something Cherwell used to override default styles for the various libraries they use on the Portal):

C:\Program Files (x86)\Cherwell Browser Applications\Portal\Bundles\TrebuchetOverrides\css\trebuchet_overrides.css

If your file is not in that location, check in IIS Manager to find the DocumentRoot for your Portal site.

In that file, you can add a section to the top for your own overrides. In our example, we hid the "Help" icon as follows:

/***** UNM overrides ******/
#help {
    display: none;




This is likely not supported by Cherwell (and would not persist across reinstalls/updates) but can probably be extended to accommodate other small interface changes that are not adjustable out of the box.

I hope this helps, and I'm interested to hear how others have made changes of this nature. Thanks!