Team rights for business object for their respective team only

Hello guys,

We use the business object "task" to display all open tasks and to what team it belongs to (team 1-8). Now we would like all internal team members to view and run their reports for the team tasks via the portal.

Now this leaves us for some problems and issues which we have not found a solution yet.

First, do we need to add all internal members to the contact person table and grant rights to the portal?

How can we build a dashboard in the portal and "check" which team the current user belongs to, if Cherwell uses the respective contact person (with windows credentials) to log in. Are there any best practices?

What I think of is a dashboard with different widgets, all with search criterias based on the respective team of the logged in user. So it only displays the tasks from the team of the user. But I have not found a solution yet how to build this.

Any help from you greatly aprpreciated!