Keep Change Request in Review state if required field not populated?
CSM/CAM Version : CSM 9.50

We are using OOTB Change Requests in a hosted CSM 9.5.2 environment. I need to have a required field in the Review stage to attach proof of customer acceptance of the implemented change for Normal and Emergency change requests.  I can make the field required; however, I cannot find how to keep the stage as Review if the logical field is False.  Everything I've tried moves the Change Request to Closed (but it's not really closed).  Any suggestions?

  • The best way to manage this would be to use a lifecycle state validation.

    1. In the Change Object properties, on the lifecycle tab, make sure you've added the Closed status to the lifecycle states if it is not listed (it should be there already as it is the final state).
    2. For the field you want to make required, in the field properties, in the properties tab, expand the State > "Required for State Change" changes based on lifecycle section.
    3. In the drop-down, select Closed. De-seledct the "Use Default setting" box.
    4. Use the Expression option to enter an expression to make the field required to enter the Closed state for Emergency and Normal changes.

    In the example below, the Service field would have to be populated on Emergency and Normal changes to advance to the Review state.