Running secondary approval only


Has anyone ever set anything up on that needs to run secondary approval only?

Basically I have a sub-category for a service request that doesnt need line manager approval but needs to go to an approval group for sign off before it can be actioned.

I have created a specifics form with a submit for approval button on but behind the button I want to put a step in that will generate the secondary approval. We already have a one step that "generates security approval" which runs our secondary approval. I thought I would be able to put this in the one step with a run another one step action but doing this means I can't run anything after this step but I need to also run actions after the approval has generated.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance :)

  • Hi Emma,

    You can do this in a few different methods. In the past I have seen customers use hidden logical fields to determine if a first or second level approval is needed and during the running of the one-step, skip or run the steps based on these logical fields. This works great if you are able to determine these criteria when other fields on the form (ie: Product Catalog or Service Catalog) being filled.  The other way I have seen it done, is by using branching in the one step. You can use the branching to set the criteria, and these can be expressions that you have mapped out, to determine when and if you create the approvals.

    I hope my explanation provides some insight, let me know if you want to dive in a bit deeper.