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Where can I define the context sensitive menu action, for CIs, in a Visualization?

I would like to be able to right click a CI on a visualisation, and execute a OneStep, such as set status.

I have looked through the actions in the BPs for the CI objects but I cannot see where I would do this.

There is a context sensitive menu action, Create Incident, but as I don;t see that action (or any) in the Visualizer I assume that not where.

Thank you!

  • You can do that in Cherwell Admin (orange icon), create a new blueprint.  Then you will need to click on 'Edit Actions' on every CI group member you want to add this to.  Once you click on 'Edit Actions'  click on 'Context-Menu' on the left nav bar <<  click the drop down arrow for Add Action and choose Add One-Step Action.  Choose your one-step to set the Asset Status to Retired (or created it) then click OK.  Enter the Display text you want the end-user to see in the menu as well as help text if you'd like.  Click OK to save this addition.  

    Once you have added this to every CI group member you want this to appear on (computer, server, etc.) publish your blueprint.  In Cherwell Client (blue icon) reload definitions and you should now see the option on your visualization map if you right click on the object and choose actions.

    Have a great day, Teri

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    Great response, thank you!
    I was close, I tried to apply them to the parent object. :)
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    Hi Teri,

    Do you know if this is supported in the browser client, any version of Cherwell?

    Erik Alm
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    I honestly have not tried this on the portal, but I can see the option to set this up is the same (I looked in v6.0)-- I don't see why it wouldn't work.

    Thanks Teri
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    Thanks for this. What about the ones that are associated with Supporting Objects. Specifically in the Journal - Email History