Consistent colors across multiple pie charts?
CSM/CAM Version : CSM 9.32

I've got a dashboard that displays several statistics in different pie charts for members of a user-selectable team, but having issues getting each team member to have their own color in each of them.

The first person (A) in the list gets color #1, the second person (B) gets color #2 and so forth.  The problem arises when a member of the team doesn't have a stat for the chart.  If person A doesn't have anything to display in the next chart over, then person B will get color #1 and everyone else down the line will have a different color than they did in the first chart, too.

I realize I could get around this by using custom colors, but we've got 200 users across 30 teams and that would be a hassle coupled with a burden to maintain.

The team name is in a Stored Value if that helps.

It's a rather trivial complaint, but one that has been made by a few people.