Widget to show duplicate records ?
CSM/CAM Version : CSM 9.40a

I want to create a widget to show where two records have been created within a time range.

We have an email/event monitor issue which is caused by a network latency.

The search is to match a reference in the record and when there are two records created within a 5 minute range of each other.

Reading some other posts, a relationship back to itself sounds like a good idea.....?

  • I haven't done this with created date time but I've done this with CI's with the same serial number due to importing issues with the relationship to itself

    relationship type: link
    child: same business object
    links: set up custom link and check use constraints

    basically in constraints you would create the search to find the matches, where you match the parent and child record then in CSM you can create a search using related clause and leverage that relationship

    example of my duplicate computer constraints and search

  • I think that you need to do a little more design work on your use case. 
    What Criteria are you actually evaluating on? 
    what is the average traffic flow of your system? (doing tickets based on create time alone is bade because your mail monitor could potentially be generating dozens or hundreds of tickets a minute depending on your traffic flow at any given time)
    what fully constitutes a duplicate? (i.e. some exact content in multiple fields?, same customer?)
    are you certain that your mail monitor issue is due to network latency? (Mail monitor is a top down single execution processing system so I would be interested in finding out how you determined that latency is the source of the issue?)