Action Catalog widget displays no data message

Hi all, does anyone know how to either change or disable the message that displays when no results are returned when you use 'Limit action records using query' in the actions catalog widget?

I run a one step via the Portal that does the following:

Allows customer to input a value via a popup and stores it in a stored value

Execute a command > Specific command > goes to dashboard with action catalog widget embedded

The limit results custom query returns subcategories where subcategory like stored value 

Via the portal when no sub categories are returned the following message is displayed on the dashboard 'Search Service Catalouge returned no data. This may be because you lack security rights to see the fields that would be displayed'.

When I run the one step via the blue client I do not get the message.

Has anyone got any suggestions how to display a suitable message is no categories are returned?

Many thanks