Email monitor one step different to when opened in Blueprint
CSM/CAM Version : CSM 9.32

I am think I am going insane.

The one-step inside the email monitor for one of the events is actually different to the one-step of the same name and location when I open it in a blueprint.

I needed to change the parsing of some of the 'body' content, but when I go into the email monitor the one-step that is there isn't even listing the body in field that is updating the business object.

BUT the mail monitor is doing what it should be doing by parsing the body field in the current form as it should be.

The one-step in the mail monitor doesn't even look like it's the correct one.

This is how the journal note ends up looking

Which is correct as it pulls in the date adds the word by in pulls in the sender and then the body text parsed to remove the footer information

But the one-step doesn't even come close to doing that

what on earth is actually going on.

I know I can't setup this one-step outside of the mail monitor as the email fields are not available.  It is like the one-step is showing a different version of itself but I have no idea where it is referring to.  When I check the folder it is the only one-step in there that is named that way.

Very confused.