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Creating in incident from e-mail and event monitor from only the userid, not the customer display name

We are trying to create an incident from an email that only has the userid (samaccount) available to us.  We have not been able to create the incident, since we cannot determine the customer display name associated with the userid.  If we log the incident from the desktop client, we can enter the userid in the requester field and the name populates.  The customer internal table has the userid and customer display name in it.  How can I pull the customer display name for use in the email monitor to create the incident or use the userid to create the incident?  We are on version 8.3.2.

  • Steve,

    Normally your Incident.CustomerName and/or Incident.CustomerID are validated against the Customer table and then trigger all your auto-populated Customer fields. I would try this, which will not require you to alter anything, such as validating the Incident.UserID field and then triggering auto-populations from that.

    This assumes you can easily parse the UserID from your incoming email, which I will call Email.ParsedUserID.

    1. Create a Metric called Customer Name from Email Parsed UserID, just give it some fake details, we will return to it later.
    2. Add a one-step to your Mail Monitor Default Action that does the following:
      1. Update a User-Specific Stored Value called Email Parsed User ID with the UserID parsed from your incoming email.
      2. Update the Incident BO field CustomerDIsplayName by browsing to the Metric we create and altering the Metric like this:

    This should populate your Customer Display Name with the Full Name from your Customer record based on matching the UserID to the SAMAccountName. If you have duplicate SAMAccountNames it will use the first match.