Gerenciador de Relatórios
CSM/CAM Version : CSM 9.21

Bom dia!


I have a problem with Cherwell's report manager.

I created the report to display some fields and finally to display the total hours worked.

Each row displays the start and end date of each record (these are date / time fields) and in the last column I set up an expression that calculates the elapsed time in seconds between the start and end date and displays the value in the format hh: mm : ss. To leave this format, I had to leave this field as text type.

In Report Manager, I set a field to calculate the total time of this last column, but obviously it will not be able to calculate the total of a string, so I created a calculated field where the difference between the start date and end date fields is made. this result for the sum function. However it is not giving any results.


I didn't find any string-to-number conversion function, otherwise I could calculate the total sum of a field only.


Can someone help me?