Have a "True/False" saved expression for "Is ticket open?"

Each time I'm working on something that I only want to apply to open or closed tickets, I have to do a clause that says either "if status = pending, status = in progress, status = new, status = assigned", OR, have it say "if status not = closed, if status not = pending".

Is there a way I can add something to incidents that's just a "True" or "False" based on its' status? That way when I make a search or work on a one-step, I can just point it to that field/item and says "if isOpen = True, do something"

Wasn't sure how to set that, or in how many places that field would need to be updated. Or if I could just make the field be populated by an automated process that regularly checks the status of tickets, but not sure if that's a smart way to go about doing something like that.

  • I'm not sure what exactly it is your doing to your tickets but could you set your one-step to run against the OOTB searches for All Open Incidents and All Closed Incidents and do it that way?

  • You could just make a calculated field that is a case statement. If the status is pending, then the field will populate with "Open". Then, you can run that same case statement expression on all of your tickets to populate that field. Once it is populated, you can see just open or closed tickets.

  • There are a number of ways of accomplishing this. 

    Create a Text field

    I would recommend "Value to set before save" using a case statement:

    If Status = Closed OR status = Resolved Then Value = "CLOSED"

    Else Value = "OPEN"

    Then you can evaluate based on it being OPEN or CLOSED. A logical might work but you have pending in your example on both sides for instance. So you can expand this later with little rework if you want to expand this if its a text field vs a logical.