Allow delete access based on criteria
CSM/CAM Version : CSM 8.2

I'm needing a way to allow a user to delete a child record if the parent record is still in a "new" status.  In the security setup, it seems to be all or nothing.  Same on the arrangements tab setup.  You either show the option or not.

Thanks for any suggestions you may have!

  • This is theoretically possible using a onestep.

    Design a one-step that will delete a record with an action condition that it only deletes if your limiting condition is true.

    Under the 'Conditions' tab on the onestep editor / main block, set it to run under the Admin security group that has rights to delete.

    Effectively, the user won't have delete rights. But if they run this onestep (which can be a button on a form), the record will get deleted if the condition is met. 

  • Thanks for your suggestion Doug!  It makes sense and sounds like it will work. Gonna give it a shot!