Newly created and saved form not visible in Form Editor
CSM/CAM Version : CSM 9.21

I'd like to create a new Approvals form to use for Change Approvals, however it disappears when I exit and re-open the form editor.  When publishing, it replaces the default form, which is then not available for update in the form editor.  Any ideas?

  • Nadia,

    Can you provide some screen shots of what your form is called.
    Is this in the Defautlt view or a Portal view.
    Did you look at the arrangement section for the Approvals tab and change which form is displayed?

    Figure 1: In this screen shot, I am in the Default view, and you can see I am looking at the Default form for my Approval object.

    Figure 2: By going to the Form menu and choosing Properties, I can see that this form is called "Approval". It shows up on the drop down list as "Default form" though.

    Figure 3: Here I am click the Form menu and then New form

    Figure 4: Here I am being asked to name the new form.

    Figure 5: My form (Be sure to click the Save Icon before navigating away from this screen).

    Figure 6: In the Change Request object's Arrangement section, I am editing the Approval Tab's properties. You can see the Nadia form is available to use.

    Figure 7: The Nadia form is visible now.

    Does this help?