Related Item Picker's Search function does not work.
CSM/CAM Version : CSM 9.60

I have created an "Organisation" business object (BI) which was built using the same structure to the "Customer" BI

I linked it to the Incident BI, I have create a "Organisation ID" and "Organisation Name" In Incident BI  linked to "Organisation RecID" and "Organisation Name" in Organisation BI. and also add "Organisation Name" in the  "List of fields" and also check the "Include in Full , 

The link relations are "One incident has zero or one organisation, and an organisation has zero or many incidents". 

In the Organisation BI, I have set "Use public ID" with the Organisation Name, and Check the "Include in Full Text Search" "Show in Quick Search", "Enable Card View", set the database index on Organisation etc 

I have create a Related Item Picker on the Incident Overview Form. When I open the picker, I can selected the organisation. But when I try to use the Search function, type a part of or full organisation name, and click the "Go"  It shows "The Requested pages is not within the set of legal pages".  or show "No records found". If I clear the Search input and click the "GO" it show all organisations. 

I have also tried to go to the System Maintenance function and rebuild the full text search catalog, table index". 

How to make the "Search Function works on the Related Item Picker". Is there any other settings?