Sending a link to a Knowledge Article

I want to create a OneStep that will send an email notifying teams of a new Knowledge article.

I can create the onestep, what I am having difficulty with is getting the Link to that knowledge artcile inserted into the body of the E-mail.

It has to be dynamic so that when the ones step is activated it will place a link to the Knowledge Article as a hyperlink linked to the Knowledge Article Solution ID.

Any ideas?

  • You can create an expression that links to the KA on your portal page.  This doesn't work in all systems, we had a problem with it on version prior to 9.1 where you couldn't link to a KA that contains graphics on the employee portal.

    [LINK]Knowledge Article #KnowledgeArticle.KnowledgeArticleID;PortalUrl/WinLogin/Command/Queries.GoToRecord?BusObID=Enter the Business object id for KA on your system&PublicID=KnowledgeArticle.KnowledgeArticleID