External Data import Failing after 9.3 upgrade


We just upgraded our DEV system from 9.0.1 to 9.3.0. After doing so, we noticed that our imports were failing.

Previously we had Customer - Internal linked to both our Active Directory and to an External Data connection. We would get the error, "A column named 'name' already belongs to this DataTable." Our External Data import did not have that column name. Our AD did. Long story short we got around it by naming them the same, but it failed after the upgrade.

As a workaround, we tried removing our AD connection and our LDAP connections, then throw everything in our External Data connection (DB). This did not work.

Now, Cherwell is giving the same error, just for the correct fields. "A column named 'FullName' already belongs to this DataTable."

- I have recreated the Scheduled Import as well to verify nothing is sticking somehow to the old import.

- We have also created a different Database View to link to.

Any Ideas?