Pass primary key ID of Major BO to a new data in supporting BO


Is there any way to pass a primary key ID of Major BO (ex Incident ID: 1234) to a new data in Supporting BO?

I am trying to create a Schedule (supporting BO) for an Incident (major BO). And since 1 schedule, which reflects 1 investigation for an Incident, sometime requires 2 manpowers with a same date, but different timestamp, so I would like to have that as a new data with the same Schedule ID, the same Incident ID, but different Technician ID; instead of creating duplicate fields for technician name and date/time which I found it's inefficient.

The way that I achieve it so far, under Schedule page, I create a link with run a one-step where that one-step will create a new BO (Schedule BO) and retain Schedule ID. However, I could not retain the Incident ID because it is basically triggered a new BO. 

Have anyone encountered this scenario before? Or is there any other idea that could achieve this scenario?