setting up relationship from Incident to another BO that uses the userinfo table for ownedbyID
CSM/CAM Version : CSM 9.32

I have an ITPT business object that utilizes the userinfo table for assignment just like the Incident business object.  I want to be able to search on any incident records and ITPT records that have the same owned by ID.  I have verified that the recid being populated is the same in both fields, but when I setup a relationship between the 2 business objects and select those fields to compare on, it does not display any records.  I setup a relationship that puts the Incident ID in a field on the ITPT request and the Incident has the ITPT request ID in a field.  I am able to setup the relationship using those fields, and I can select fields from both BO's in the search, but do not get the data I expect.  Many ITPT requests and Incidents could have the same owned by ID's and I want to connect them so I can compare and report on that field.  I am not very familiar with relationships, so I wasn't sure if I should be setting up 1-1, many-many, etc.  Nothing I've tried has worked so far.  Any advice would be appreciated.