Using child to child relationship in parent BO
CSM/CAM Version : CSM 9.1


I've ran into a Cherwell puzzle I can't seem to solve.

Requester = manager submitting the request
Customer = end user mentioned by the requester in a related item picker control on the specifics
Access request = specifics child object under Incident
Remove access request = specifics child object under Incident

On the business side, we have managers submitting access requests for their transferred employee and previous managers submitting access removal requests for the same employee. What ends up happening is access is granted as requested by the new manager then all access removed as requested by the previous manager. Then the new manager has to submit a new access request.

Cherwell challenge:
I need to be able to display a warning on the specifics form if another request is in process for the customer listed on the form. I cannot establish a 1M links relationship (Incident links to many Incidents) with a custom link because the specifics fields are not available in the constraints. My original thought for the constraint was where Specifics.User01RecID = Specifics.User01RecID.

I was able to setup a specifics to specifics 1M relationship with the custom link where the CustomerRecID on both objects match. HOWEVER, this relationship (and any warning using this relationship) only seems to work from the specifics object and not the Incident object (see attached images).

The warning uses an aggregate expression in a case statement using that relationship. If aggregate count on specifics-to-specifics is greater or equal to 1, display "Warning" on a label link. I removed visibility rules on the warning for illustration purposes. Ideally I only want to show the label if duplicates are present.

The label link runs a one-step that runs a search using the current record specifics.user01RecID (as a stored value) against all incidents where this specific field = stored value.

The search works independently
The warning works as intended when viewing from the specifics BO directly
The warning does not work as intended when viewing in from the Incident BO as an embedded form.

Am I going about this the wrong way?

As always, your feedback is invaluable.

Expression from within Specifics in full view (Go to Arbitrary record via one-step)

Expression (not working) from within parent BO

Specifics to Specifics relationship:

Expression details: