Trouble listing multiple CI’s (Please Help!)
CSM/CAM Version : CSM 9.40a

I’m trying to take advantage of the ability to list multiple CI’s in a ticket. I have no problem pulling incidents using a search on the Primary CI using Incident.Config Item Display Name. But I can’t seem to crack how to do it when there are multiple CI’s assigned to an Incident and it’s not the primary. I know the problem lies in that 1 incident contains multiple CI’s – thus there must be some link to exploit. I know I’ve done similar searches with Time Tracking and Journals (also multiple instances of each per tickets), but this one is stumping me for now. I’ve looked through the Incident Links in my comparison clause in the Incident association. And I’ve tried going from the back door and starting with the appropriate CI association and finding the linked Incidents. UGH!!! I can't figure it out!