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    We're looking for Cherwell user solutions and mApp hacks from our community members! Please be sure to join the COVID-19 Discussions and Resources Group to share and be inspired! This is also your go-to place for all COVID-19 remote work preparedness ...

  • Posted in: Forums

    Hi community users! My name is Nicole Dufresne and I am the Cherwell Community & Knowledge manager. I want to take a quick minute to thank everyone for bearing with us as we launched our new community platform a few months ago. While it looks bare-bones ...

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  • Posted in: Forums

    Hey John, Can you elaborate on that a little more, not sure what security group you are referring to. I get using an expression for the OR side of things, exactly what I need - but where am I making the security group changes that have an impact on a ...

  • Posted in: Forums

    We have been eagerly awaiting the ability to use something other than the DevExpress report software for a while now. The information released about being able to connect to Tableau or Power BI was a pleasant addition. We recently upgraded to a version ...

  • Posted in: Forums

    In report designer, you should be able update the properties for the field so that line breaks are not retained by setting the Multiline property to "No". I usually have to do the opposite for fields so that they do show carriage returns. ------------------------------ ...

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