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    Hi Community Members! I have started work on gamification which will assign points and badges to your community profile based on how much you engage in community activities. I have added more weight to discussion replies and replies marked as best answers. ...

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  • Posted in: Forums

    I had this issue!!! :) It was because I didnt turn on the setting in BOTH views i.e I needed to turn it on in 'default' and in 'portal primary'. Its weird, because its a DB property..... so should apply to both.... but just checking youve done that? ...

  • Posted in: Forums

    Try making it a 'text' expression then ticking the box that allows you to 'evaluate result as calculation' see if that helps? i've always found numbers to be weird. ------------------------------ John Dipasquale Western Health --------------- ...

  • Posted in: Forums

    Hi Adria - This appears to be custom workflow so there's not an easy answer. What you really want to know is a) where does the data on this tab come from, and b) how do I report off of it. It appears you are in the Incident Business Object (if not ...

  • Posted in: Forums

    We do upgrades for customers quite often. A platform version is pretty straightforward and is cumulative. Most of the time this works for people if they just want the underlying tool improvements, etc. This is especially true when people have started ...