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    Hi Community Members! I have started work on gamification which will assign points and badges to your community profile based on how much you engage in community activities. I have added more weight to discussion replies and replies marked as best answers. ...

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  • Posted in: Forums

    Running into a snag with the process. I have a logical field, "Is Active Cherwell User", on the Customer record. It is a calculated value using an expression with the criteria below: I have a few specifics forms that are used for Employee Access ...

  • Posted in: Forums

    Hi Jamie - This really sounds like a Resources issue on your application server. There is a lot of changes under the hood between v9.2 and v9.6. If your server is on prem you may want to have your Server / Hosting team take a look at Resource Usage. ...

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    At this time, the PowerBI connector only returns the columns specified in the default grid. ------------------------------ John Stagaman - Technical Account Manager - Cherwell Software, LLC. Any comments are my own and are not a statement on behalf of ...

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    Thank you Rob. There were 3 or so that were unchecked providing some information but appears to be the same information regarding the dependencies. ------------------------------ Casey Bates W&W/AFCO Steel ------------------------------