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    Hi Community Members! I have started work on gamification which will assign points and badges to your community profile based on how much you engage in community activities. I have added more weight to discussion replies and replies marked as best answers. ...

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  • Posted in: Forums

    Hi Cherwell Community, …. I've hit a snag and a little confused why this behavior is working like this… I cant access the variable when stepping through children!? Huhh?? My Goal: The OOTB approval's for change works unusually, when a change is denied; ...

  • Posted in: Forums

    Hi Doug and Jim, I had already set up the client in the orange client's Rest API Clients window in the Security section in my test environment. Additionally, I used the Cherwell API Swagger UI webpage (also in the test environment). Testing on this page ...

  • Posted in: Forums

    Make sure that you have added the calculation to the field properties in the Portal Default view. It may also be necessary to provide view and update rights to the field in the security group. ------------------------------ John Stagaman - Technical ...

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    I've used labels that have the name and scope before; but I wanted to find a dynamic way since I have many licensed users making their own dashboards. ------------------------------ Marcus Robinson Clemson University ------------------------------