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    RE: Common RFC's

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    Hi Jeff, In Version 10.2 there is a Major Business Object called Change Model that can be used for pre-approved Common Changes. ---Rob ------------------------------ Rob Knox | Highmark Health Senior IT Infrastructure Analyst | Cherwell Evangelist ...

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    Is it possible this is a display/screen/graphics problem? I've seen weird things where this happens at times. If you can highlight the records individually use the system analyzer and check to see if they have different RecID's. If they are different ...

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    It would be nice to go to your customer record and see all the CIs you play a role in supporting. I'll have to re-think my approach. ------------------------------ Vernon Yoshida University of Hawaii CSM 10.1.2 ------------------------------

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    We are running CSM 9.6.2. We've recently stood up a new 2017 SQL instance and cloned the old db over. I updated all the Cherwell connections to point to the new db. I was able to connect fine but our portal (the browser and portal app are running from ...

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    Hi Scott, I've had this particular issue in the past - as far as I'm aware there is no way of doing this using security groups without having the different teams under different security groups. Workgroups are just customer teams, so that won't help ...