Cherwell Community

  • mApp Exchange Ideas

    • 14 ideas
    • 2017/11/15
    List of proposed mApp solutions. Please vote for or against individual ideas if you’d like to see a mApp built on the suggested idea. Or comment on an existing idea to provide more context.
  • CSM Enhancements

    • 3 ideas
    • 2017/8/14
    Hi all, the CSM enhancements page will be taken down shortly as all enhancements and development requests should be recorded through the support group. Please submit a ticket to our support team,
  • Community Enhancements

    • 34 ideas
    • 2017/2/7
    List of proposed Cherwell community enhancements. Please vote for or against individual items. The result will be an aggregated prioritized list based on community participants. Feel free to add new items or comment on existing items. If you add a new item, please be as specific as possible. Please include any feedback in the comments. Cherwell will use the list to influence development.