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Malcolm Fry Unplugged

February 23-27, 2015

Get smART - Malcolm Fry, Cherwell Ambassador

We all need inspiration and can find it in many ways from following a football team to liking a particular singer, but sometimes we need to refresh our thoughts and ideas. For this we require inspiration. Here we will use art as a kaleidoscope of ideas and thought processes to help refresh your ITSM palette. I will be using different art forms to show how they can help us with our ITSM planning and operation. After exploring the art world as it relates to ITSM we will look at how we can apply this to restructuring the ITSM processes with fresh eyes.

“His keynote was very original and was based around looking at various famous types of artwork like Banksy, Salvador Dali and Monet and how they relate to ITSM in that sometimes Service Management isn’t about the little details it’s about the bigger picture and that you can look at things in a different way especially how the Service Desk works.” – Glenn Thompson, the ITSM Review

Houston LIG (itSMF) - February 23, 2015

Dallas-Fort Worth Chapter (HDI) - February 25, 2015

San Antonio Chapter (HDI) - February 27, 2015

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