Josh Caid

Vice President of Innovation

Joshua Caid, Cherwell’s Vice President of Product Management, brings a passion for creating software that makes people’s day-to-day lives better by solving real-world problems. During his career, he was part of the Product Management team at GoldMine Software, with over a million distinct licenses sold. He helped create new product lines with FrontRange Solutions, and most recently helped to start up Cherwell Software, not only by driving product direction, but also by being flexible and wearing a lot of additional hats.

Josh has been managing best-of-breed software products in the CRM and ITSM spaces for over 15 years, is a Level V practitioner of Pragmatic Marketing, and is certified in ITIL best practices. Before settling down to focus his creativity in the software realm, Josh was a professional musician and still loves to crank his guitar amp up ‘to eleven,' much to his neighbor's exasperation.