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Forrester Ranks Cherwell Among Top 3 Enterprise SaaS ITSM Tools Worldwide

March 8, 2013 - Colorado Springs, CO.  A newly released report from Forrester Research, Inc., The Forrester Market Overview: SaaS IT Service Management Tools, places Cherwell Software among the top three IT Service Management (ITSM) vendors offering a SaaS solution in the enterprise market. Cherwell Software, BMC and ServiceNow are the only three vendors to achieve significant or major customer success in the space. Of these three top organizations, Cherwell Software offers the highest contracted availability (99.9%) and the most affordable pricing — $114 per concurrent license per month versus $149 and $100 per named user per month for BMC and ServiceNow, respectively. According to Gartner, one concurrent license is equivalent to three to seven named licenses. Download the Report

Forrester also reports that Cherwell Software implementations are up to 66% faster than all other enterprise SaaS ITSM solutions. Cherwell Software’s average implementation is one month. BMC reports a two-month implementation and ServiceNow reports a three-month implementation.

“Of course, we’re pleased to be recognized finally as one of only three SaaS ITSM vendors to achieve ‘significant success’ implementing enterprise SaaS,” said Vance Brown, CEO of Cherwell Software. “When we launched Cherwell Software in 2007, we drew on the lessons we learned building other ITSM solutions and had the wisdom to use one code base for both the SaaS and on-premises options. Our customers like that because, when their needs change (and you know they will), they can switch from SaaS to on-premises or vice versa in a few hours.” Cherwell Software boasts high customer retention rates (98%).

“The traditional on-premises view is that an enterprise-level organization should evaluate the big four: BMC Software, CA Technologies, HP, and IBM. More recently, organizations are also turning to Axios Systems, Cherwell, and ServiceNow for an enterprise-level ITSM tool vendor,” writes Forrester Analyst Stephen Mann.

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