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Cherwell Software, Pink Elephant, HDI, Bomgar and Cherwell Partners Unite for Metrics Roadshow

May 22, 2014 - Colorado Springs, Colo. –The Science of Metrics roadshow, hosted by Cherwell Software, is a full-day event designed specifically to enable IT professionals who want to leverage monitoring and metrics to make data-driven decisions instead of merely acting on instinct. Help desk and service desk directors, managers and analysts, IT service management professionals and IT consultants will learn how to better use metrics to their advantage. The roadshow events are 8:30 AM – 3:00 PM in Chicago, Illinois on May 28; Boston, Massachusetts on May 30; Charlotte, North Carolina on June 2; Atlanta, Georgia on June 4; and Miami, Florida on June 5, 2014. Spots are still open in all cities.

The Science of Metrics roadshow provides fresh insight on the processes and technologies related to service desk metrics—information that empowers IT organizations to make smarter decisions about the services they deliver. Speakers will cover:

  • How metrics change as the ITSM (ITIL®) life cycle progresses;
  • Reactive and proactive analysis;
  • How to identify and manage meaningful metrics;
  • What metrics can be derived from remote support and how to leverage them to improve services; and
  • Why support centers need to shift from quantitative to qualitative metrics.

The roadshow features industry thought leaders including Cherwell Software ambassador Malcolm Fry, Pink Elephant President David Ratcliffe and Bomgar director of business solutions Jeremy Curley. HDI,Pink Elephant, Bomgar,Advanced MarketPlace and CreekPointe are sponsoring The Science of Metrics to help spread the word on how IT service professionals can up their game through metrics and analysis.

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