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Cherwell Software Recognizes 2016 IT Industry Legends

May 19, 2016 - Colorado Springs, CO. - Cherwell Software, a global leader in IT Service Management (ITSM) solutions, is excited to recognize the 2016 IT Industry Legend Award recipients. The IT Industry Legend award was introduced in 2014 to celebrate luminaries in IT who are not only experts themselves, but expert mentors who inspire us, guide us, and evolve us toward possibilities we might not have dreamed of. An IT Industry Legend provides others with a framework for exploration, risk and growth, underpinned by trust and encouragement. Their hard-won wisdom, passed on to the next generation of IT and service management professionals, advances the entire industry.

At the recent HDI 2016 Conference, Cherwell CEO Vance Brown and 2014 IT Industry Legend recipient Ron Muns welcomed this year’s new inductees: Doug Tedder and Bill Keyworth. The new inductees were recognized for their achievements and contribution to the IT community.

Doug Tedder is an innovative, solutions-driven service management professional offering more than 25 years of progressive experience across a variety of industries. Tedder, a resourceful, pragmatic, and hands-on leader, has a track record of implementing service management processes successfully by focusing on enabling business outcomes, knowledge transfer, and organization transformation. Tedder is also known for creating and delivering concise, accurate, and targeted training and guidance to technical and non-technical audiences.

Bill Keyworth also has more than 25 years of successfully defining technology and market trends within the IT service management industry. Keyworth has established a reputation as one of the most credible and consistent voices for maximizing business value from IT infrastructure. He was the first to identify and justify market requirements and benefits for a network management (monitoring) framework, elevating him to an early leadership role within the IT management industry. Having demonstrated expertise in refocusing the marketing engines of an organization and turning product-driven companies into market-driven industry leaders, Keyworth now translates his market perspective into success criteria for user’s IT management initiatives.

“As an original inductee of the IT Industry Legend Award, I would like to congratulate both Doug Tedder and Bill Keyworth on their monumental achievements they have accomplished, they both truly embody what the IT Industry Legend Award is all about,” said Ron Muns. “I have no doubt that these two experts within the IT service management industry will only continue to add move value and industry knowledge to the ITSM community for years to come,” Muns continued.

“I could not be more thrilled to personally present Doug Tedder and Bill Keyworth with the IT Industry Legend Award,” said Vance Brown, CEO and co-founder of Cherwell Software. “Both gentleman have truly earned a prestigious and respected position with their many professional accomplishments. It is a great honor to for me to recognize both Doug and Bill as IT Industry Legends, because they are considered by me and many others as just that, legends.”

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