IT Industry Legend Award Recipients

Some people have the remarkable ability to shape not only a person or a group of people, but an entire industry. We think that’s worth celebrating.

The IT Industry Legend award celebrates luminaries in the IT service management industry who are not only experts, but expert mentors—teachers who inspire us, guide us, and evolve us toward possibilities we might not have dreamed of. An IT Industry Legend provides a framework for exploration, risk, and growth underpinned by trust and encouragement. Their hard-won wisdom, passed on to the next generation of service management professionals, advances the entire industry.

Understanding the IT Industry Legend Logo

The eagle embodies a “person of action” with high intellect and ingenuity. Its keen eyes represents the penetrating discernment that provides deep understanding and foresight. The Cherwell logo is “hidden” in the eagle’s wings.

The torch symbolizes the IT Industry Legend’s fiery passion and the enlightenment and guidance that the Legends have bestowed on countless others through the years. The counsel they’ve so openly provided has contributed to the advancement of our industry.

The key of science represents knowledge, curiosity, and guardianship. Legends have a sense of responsibility to move the industry forward. The Borromean rings on the key handle are so intertwined that removing any one causes the entire structure to fall apart. It symbolizes strength in unity. These three rings represent process, people, and technology.

Bill Keyworth

Bill Keyworth is Vice President of Research within IDC’s CIO Advisory Services with a focus on IT Operational Excellence. Leveraging over 30 years of successfully defining technology and market trends within the IT service management industry, Bill has established a reputation as one of the more credible and consistent voices in maximizing business value from IT operations. Leveraging telecom and network management experience gained at AT&T and Digital Equipment Corporation, Bill was among the first to identify and justify market requirements and benefits for a network management (monitoring) framework, thrusting him into an early leadership role within the IT management industry.

Through research and consulting roles at IDC, Gartner Group & Ptak/Noel Associates, Bill has led a focus on IT Service Management as critical for managing the dynamic elements of IT business services. As vice president and research director at Gartner Group, Bill initiated the successful Network and Systems Management (NSM) service and helped to create a US focus on ITIL processes years before their industry adoption.

Through vendor executive roles at Digital and Peregrine, coupled with marketing executive roles at eight high-tech start ups, Bill has demonstrated expertise in refocusing the marketing engines of an organization and turning product driven companies into market driven industry leaders. Bill translates that market perspective into success criteria for IT service management initiatives. He holds a B.S from Brigham Young University’s Marriot School of Management and an MBA from Babson College.

Doug Tedder

Doug Tedder is the principal of Tedder Consulting LLC, a Service Management and IT Governance consultancy.  Doug is an accomplished and recognized leader who is equally adept in interactions from senior leadership to day-to-day practitioners.  His attention to detail, industry knowledge, emotional intelligence, and the ability to “see the big picture” and make it actionable has resulted in a track record of success in helping IT organizations transform into business partners in value delivery.

Prior to starting his business, Doug spent over 25 years working in corporate IT organizations in a variety of local, regional, and global roles.

Doug holds numerous industry certifications in disciplines ranging from ITIL, COBIT, Lean IT, KCS, and Organizational Change Management.

An active volunteer within the IT Service Management community, Doug is a frequent speaker and contributor at local industry user group meetings, webinars, and national conventions.  Doug is a member, former president, and current board member for itSMF USA as well a member of HDI.  Follow Doug on Twitter (@dougtedder).

Jim Bolton

Jim Bolton

President and founder of Propoint Solutions Inc. Incorporated in 2004, Propoint is a team of seasoned ITIL Experts who are focused on delivering excellence in ITIL Training and IT Service Management Consulting.

Jim has extensive experience in diagnosing and solving complex organizational, process, and technical challenges. Jim’s leadership and knowledge of industry best practice have brought IT service excellence to numerous venues including: Higher Education, Healthcare, Federal, State and Local Government, Finance and Manufacturing. Jim is an IT Service Management Consultant, ITIL trainer, author, and speaker at conferences around the world on IT Service Management topics.

Jim has served on the HDI Strategic Advisory Board, the itSMF Local Chapter Board, and as Track Chair for itSMF USA and HDI conferences.  He is an EXIN Accredited ITIL trainer, and an EXIN Accredited Courseware Provider and has developed numerous IT Service Management courses and workshops.

Jim holds an MBA in Technology Management, the ITIL v3 Expert Certificate, the ITIL v2 Manager Certificate, ITIL Practitioner’s Certificates, ITIL v3 Capability Certificates, and the ISO/IEC 20000 Consultant Certificate.

John Custy

John Custy

John Custy has more than 25 years’ experience in designing, developing, and implementing IT Services Management solutions, both as a practitioner and consultant. He has assisted many organizations in developing their service strategies and translating these strategies into functional business plans, resulting in improved IT and Services Management practices. John is an internationally well-known speaker, educator and consultant on Service Management globally and continues to contribute to the evolution and improvement of Service Management programs.



Julie Mohr

Julie Mohr

Julie L. Mohr is a transformational leader and passionate organizational change agent, providing imaginative insight and dynamic leadership, to transform organizations into best practice, strategy-driven, customer-focused environments. She has empowered organizations through Knowledge Management, ITSM, IT Governance, organization enhancements, process re-engineering, service level management, and continual improvement. Julie is an international keynote speaker, author and active contributor to the future development of the industry. Through her books, articles, speaking, consulting, and teaching, her purpose is to change the world through thought provoking dialog and interaction.



Malcolm Fry

Malcolm Fry

IT industry legend Malcolm Fry is a recognized IT luminary with more than 40 years of industry experience. He brings an unparalleled breadth of knowledge on IT business and technical issues and is a regular keynote speaker all over the world. The author of many publications on IT service and support, he is regularly contacted as a source of information by technology journalists. Some of his publications include A Step-by-Step Guide to Building a CMDB, How to Build a Service Management Department, and ITIL Lite a Road Map to Partial or Full ITIL Implementation.

Malcolm was also a member of the v3 Advisory Group and a mentor for the Service Operations book. In 2009 he was awarded the prestigious Ron Muns Lifetime Achievement Award for IT service and support and in 2014 the IT Industry Legend Award.


Ron Muns

Ron Muns

Considered by many as the "father of the help desk industry," Ron founded Bendata, Inc. (now FrontRange), launched one of the first help desk software solutions (HEAT), and founded the global professional association for IT support professionals, HDI®.

Earlier in his career, Ron served as a leading Big Six consultant in the help desk industry, as a software engineer and creator of several successful commercial software products, and as an IT strategist. Ron is a certified public accountant, certified information systems auditor, and holds a certificate in data processing. He earned a bachelor's degree in business statistics from the University of Texas at Austin.