The Fast Track: Speed Ahead with Technology That Streamlines Work & Collaboration

Posted by on March 12, 2020

Drive Innovation with the Fast Track Guide

Most digital transformation efforts are not full steam ahead and on-time arrival is extremely rare. Seventy percent of complex, large-scale digital transformations go off the rails at some point. Most never get back on track. Some never even depart from the station.

One reason transformation efforts don’t pick up steam is that employees are not “all aboard.” (Are you sick of our analogy yet? Stick with us...) 

Lack of collaboration between teams can lead to poor corporate performance. In addition, lack of employee alignment at the beginning, middle, and end of a change process can hinder progress. 

But there are ways to get team members engaged in the process and your journey back on track. Implementing digital self-serve technology doubles the chance of transformation success. And when the technology is easy to incorporate and encourages cross-functional collaboration companies can more quickly reach maximum speed. 

Are you ready for your next cross-departmental integration? Our new guide will help you—and your team members—accelerate towards a common goal. 

Click below to read best practices in selecting tech, gaining consensus across different departments, and creating a more rewarding journey for both team members and customers. 


Introducing the Essential Guide to Cross-Departmental Integrations

To help business leaders identify and overcome obstacles that are keeping digital transformation efforts stalled at the station, we created a guide featuring recommendations from experts in the space: The Fast Track: Speed Ahead with Technology That Streamlines Work & Collaboration.  

We asked these experts about the role of technology in cross-department collaboration, how to accomplish a seamless transition in a transformation process, and how simplified procedures can improve both the team member and customer experience. Here’s what you’ll find in our guide.

Answers to your most pressing questions about digital transformation:

  • What are the top dangers of allowing sprawling technology and ad hoc systems in your technology infrastructure? And, how can leaders fix the problem?

  • What are the top strategies that leaders can use to gain cross-departmental consensus on the choice of technology? 

  • How can integrated processes create a differentiated customer experience?

  • What are the surefire signs that it’s time to invest in new tech?

Insights from these leaders about challenges in digital transformation:

Get Back on Track with Cross-Department Integrations

It’s not too late to surge ahead with your digital transformation efforts. Download our new ebook, The Fast Track: Speed Ahead with Technology That Streamlines Work & Collaboration for insights about how technology can encourage team members from different departments to work together toward a common goal. 

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