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Drastically Improve HR Efficiency and Employee Satisfaction Simultaneously with a Single Unified Solution

Cherwell HR Employee Administration helps the HR team manage tasks ranging from new hire administration to benefits inquiries. Each of these services can involve numerous people, departments, tasks, and documents. Our solution automates many HR processes and eliminates the numerous manual processes like email exchanges, and direct interaction touch points with the HR team. Employees can easily access HR services, streamlining their HR request processes.

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HR Employee Administration

Optimized Self-Service Portal

Standardize resources and interactions with employee inquiries; HR Employee Service Center consolidates HR resources by providing a single place for employees to access information. For HR employees, managing daily work can also be managed through the portal.

Employees can also review the status of their requests, provide information requested and attach documentation as requested to optimize the process. Shortcuts for Announcements and FAQ’s can also be accessed from the portal home page for easily accessible information.

Self-Service Portal Screen Shot

Knowledge Management

Cherwell’s HR Service Management solution includes a knowledgebase that provides answers to questions and solutions to problems that are frequently asked of the HR department. This empowers employees to find accurate and consistent answers and increase the efficiency of the HR department by never having to solve the same problem twice.

Cherwell’s Knowledgebase includes an advanced capability for presenting only the most relevant information to employees by filtering knowledgebase request by persona and user attributes. This filtering capability only presents the relevant information applicable to each persona, eliminating the need to sift through volumes of irrelevant knowledge articles, and allowing employees quickly find the answers that are relevant to them.

Knowledge Management screen shot

Track employee interaction in one place

Cherwell's Self-Service portal has customized, easy to read dashboards that provide shortcuts for Announcements and Frequently Asked Questions can also be accessed from the portal home page for easily accessible information without the need to drill down.

Employees can see the status of their requests with full visibility from request submission through closure. The single, unified portal give employees the ability to interact with HR in one place and includes the ability to view information requested and complete tasks required by HR and attach documentation as requested to optimize the process.

Self Service Tasks Screen Shots

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