HR Service Management

Employee Self-Service (ESS) Software

Self-Service Portal Provides Instantaneous Employee Access to HR Services

Cherwell Software enables HR organizations by providing a single self-service portal for employees to find relevant HR information, and submit and track cases when they need help. HR enjoys a significant reduction in the amount of time spent triaging, routing, and completing service requests.  In addition, HR announcements, alerts, employee forms, and knowledge articles can be made available from within the portal, further lowering administrative costs and increasing employee satisfaction.

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Improves Employee Access

Employees have 24x7x365 access via the employee self-service portal to get answers to HR-related questions they may have, issues, and general HR concerns directly through the portal eliminating the time-consuming manual tasks of sending emails or contacting someone directly for each request.

image of dashboard of employee self-service portal

Contextual Knowledgebase

Cherwell’s Knowledgebase includes an advanced capability for presenting only the most relevant information to employees by filtering knowledgebase request by persona and user attributes.  This filtering capability only presents the relevant information applicable to each persona, eliminating the need to sift through volumes of irrelevant knowledge articles, and allowing employees quickly find the answers that are relevant to them.

image of dashboard of Cherwell's knoweldgebase

Tracking Requests and Progress

For HR employees, managing daily work can also be done through the portal which includes using reports to track and monitor the work their staff is performing. Employees can see the status of their requests with full visibility from request submission through closure.

image of tracking request portal screen

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