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HR Case Management Software

Dramatically Enhance HR Efficiency Through a Single Case Management Solution

Cherwell HR Case Management provides a way for employees to easily submit requests or check the status of existing requests. Using workflow automation these requests are automatically routed to the right HR worker. The employee can see the status of their requests through the Cherwell portal giving them efficient access to the information they need to stay productive. HR gets a simple and powerful system to stay on top of employee requests that replaces phone calls, email, ad-hoc requests, and sticky notes.

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HR Case Management

Optimized Employee Self Service Portal

Standardize resources and interactions with employee inquiries; HR Employee Service Center consolidates HR resources providing a single place for employees to access information. For HR employees, managing daily work can also be managed through the portal.

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Manage the full life-cycle of employee requests

Cherwell HR Case Management manages the employee request process from initial request through closure with easy access and trackability for both HR managers and employees.

HR Case Management documents all transactions providing a complete audit trail of employee communications with HR, and creates accountability, provides task ownership, and ensures consistent and timely HR service delivery.

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Transform HR Delivery with Automated Workflows

Using Cherwell’s automation engine, key HR processes can be automated to ensure SLA and policy compliance. This provides the ability to reduce administrative tasks, improve consistency and alert stakeholders when an incomplete task is about to violate SLA or company policy. HR teams can automate and streamline a wide range of HR processes and notifications.

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