Flexible, Affordable, and Easy to Use

Discover why so many colleges and universities chose Cherwell for ITSM.

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Flexible, Affordable, and Easy to Use

Discover why so many colleges and universities chose Cherwell for ITSM.

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A Modern ITSM Solution for Higher Ed

Higher education is undergoing a major paradigm shift, not unlike the bricks and mortar re-invention of the last decade. IT teams are expected to lead the charge, transforming colleges and universities into "digital institutions," offering modern user experiences to internal and external constituencies, while still delivering core IT services—although often without sufficient investment in modern infrastructure and expertise.

Cherwell® Service Management is an intuitive, flexible, and affordable IT service management (ITSM) solution that enables IT organizations to respond to these pressures in an agile fashion, while delivering world-class services that elevate student engagement, experience, and retention.

“We liked Cherwell’s concurrent licensing model, affordable pricing, and self-service portal capabilities. The codeless platform allows the service desk to build everything we need to do our jobs without expert developers.”

Joshua Tooley
Associate Director of IT Support
Texas Christian University

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How Cherwell Supports Key Educational Initiatives


Slash Development Costs

You won't need an army of developers or highly skilled resources to implement, customize, maintain, or upgrade Cherwell Service Management. With built-in support for eleven ITIL processes and a codeless design architecture, virtually anyone on your team can configure the product to meet your needs.

Better Student Support

Better Student Support

Cherwell’s iOS app empowers IT to support a wide range of applications and services across campus, improve the quality and timeliness of services, and promote a better learning experience by allowing students to engage with the service desk anytime, anywhere, on their own terms.  

Higher Education- Process & Resource

Process & Resource Optimization

Cherwell's powerful workflow automation capabilities enable colleges and universities to improve processes, deliver services, and add value across the entire organization. Cherwell's higher education customers routinely use Cherwell in key areas outside of IT, such as recruiting, enrollment, alumni management, and more.

Flexible, Transparent Licensing

Cost Reduction

Cherwell’s concurrent all-inclusive licensing offers substantial savings over legacy ITSM vendors. In addition, Cherwell customers report between 20 and 60 percent reduction in administrative overhead because expensive development resources aren't required to configure or manage the solution.

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