Get Full-Stack Infrastructure Visibility and Keep Your Cherwell CMDB Up-to-Date

Automated Discovery and Dependency Mapping, Powered by Resolve

The powerful combination of Cherwell ITSM and Resolve Discovery and Dependency Mapping (DDM) fuels more effective, automated service desk operations, and enables you to fix problems faster and make changes with confidence.

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Automated, Agentless Discovery Across Domains

Quickly discover all of physical and virtual infrastructure components across hybrid IT environments — from on-premise to public cloud — without deploying any agents. Lightweight data collectors intelligently scan subnets or user-input boundaries to quickly identify compute, network, and storage entities and determine a variety of details about each component, including vendor make, model, platform, configuration, IP address, and more. The resulting real-time inventory can be easily viewed by device type or IP address range, in custom filtered groups, or in a tabular list view.
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Automated Application Dependency Mapping

Resolve automatically identifies complex, distributed applications by discovering application flows and services, and then mapping these to the underlying infrastructure components that support them. The resulting application maps help you visualize the relationships between components, so you can quickly see how infrastructure issues are impacting business-critical applications.
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Automated CMDB Updates

Auto-discovery and dependency mapping data is automatically pushed to the Cherwell CMDB in near real time, ensuring that you never have to worry again about changes in your dynamic infrastructure not making their way to the CMDB. With the confidence that your CMDB is always accurate, you can quickly troubleshoot issues and make changes with confidence, while building a long-term foundation for IT operations success.
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Multi-Layer Topology Maps

Intuitive topology maps facilitate operations by displaying how all of your physical, virtual, and logical compute, network, and storage entities are connected to one another. Finally, you can get a single view into complex, hybrid environments and the full-stack visibility you need, including the ability to overlay fault, performance alerts, and tickets right on top of the topology to help identify root cause and see what's happening in your infrastructure at a glance.
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Additional Features and Capabilities

Multi-Vendor, Multi-Domain, Multi-Layer
Handles even the most complex environments with a vendor-agnostic, full-stack approach.
Scales to Hundreds of Thousands of Devices
Seamlessly manages rapidly changing and rapidly growing infrastructure at scale.
Eliminates unnecessary maintenance, avoids performance drag, and keeps bandwidth consumption low with an agentless approach.