New: Built-In SaaS Analytics Capabilities with Cherwell Asset Management 15.0

Posted by on January 14, 2020

Built in SaaS Analytics with Cherwell Asset Management 15.0

Cherwell has a history of putting customer needs first and seeking your input into product development. In fact, customer feedback drives more than 33 percent of Cherwell product enhancements. In this spirit of ongoing collaboration, Cherwell is pleased to announce that Cherwell Asset Management capabilities have been expanded to include SaaS Analytics.

Now you have a way to analyze usage and licensing costs from SaaS applications to enable you to gain reductions in software license spending, IT overhead, and software audit risk. In this first iteration, SaaS Analytics supports Salesforce and Box. We will continue to grow our offering and will be adding additional SaaS applications in the months to come.

Cherwell Asset Management 15.0 includes additional network enhancements, including improvements to SNMP Discovery, a variety of other Discovery and Configuration performance advancements, and verified support for running on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

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Learn more about Cherwell Asset Management 15.0 here:

  1. Watch Getting Started with CAM SaaS Analytics.
  2. Read the datasheet.
  3. Access the Cherwell Learning Portal to enroll in the “Cherwell Asset Management User Workflows” course (which includes SaaS Analytics).
  4. Review the documentation for release details.

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