Introducing Cherwell Service Management 10.2

Posted by on February 26, 2021

Now available, Cherwell Service Management 10.2 introduces powerful new Platform Intelligence capabilities and an Enhanced User Experience. The new machine learning capability enables you to categorize and resolve incidents and requests faster and more accurately than ever before. Enhanced related item search and navigation puts knowledge resources at your fingertips and makes knowledge easy to share. CSM 10.2 also accelerates performance with enhanced event management, simplified management of your AWS environment, updated reporting capability and new customizable templates for email.

Machine Learning Categorization

Classifying incidents and requests can be challenging, requiring that you correctly identify the correct category based on past experience and know the correct terms from the service catalog. These challenges lead to technicians sometimes mis-categorizing items, which leads to a number of potential problems downstream.

Cherwell’s new Machine Learning Categorization enables you to train a model that automatically categorizes a ticket based on the text you enter in the description. The new feature lets you schedule training for the machine learning model and to specify which items to include when training it.

With Machine Learning Categorization, you can enable automatic classification of tickets based on similarities to trends in your existing ticket data. This intelligent categorization helps to reduce ticket transfer by validating that tickets are making it to the correct teams as quickly as possible.

The system predicts the most likely categorization based on historical data and can provide a confidence score of the predicted value. It also provides an easy way to measure technician classification against machine learning categorization to assess accuracy.

To support machine learning categorization, CSM 10.2 introduces a new Machine Learning Content mApp to provide an out-of-the-box example of how Machine Learning can add automation to the Incident workflow. You can enter a description of a problem without knowing the exact classification, and the mApp will provide the classification based on the input text. The auto-population and expression manager predicts the contents of a field based on input text anywhere in the tool. Using machine learning, the mApp automatically validates that tickets are making it to the correct teams as quickly as possible, reducing the need for ticket transfer.

Enhanced Related Item Search and Navigation

Cherwell Service Management 10.2 offers enhanced platform intelligence with significant improvements to our Related Item Search and Navigation capability.

Solution Search

Save time by collecting relevant data and making it accessible from a ticket you are actively solving. By importing an external URL link into the Solution Search tab, you make all of the knowledge used in resolving the problem available on the Ticket itself, helping other Technicians working the same ticket and providing an archive for later reference. Work directly with the knowledge base while working to resolve an open Ticket, without having to lose context or open a new tab to do so. Additionally, you can create an automated task to drive external searches based on criteria you define to help resolve the ticket.

Share with Customers

You can now share a related knowledge base record with a customer directly from within the Related Item Navigation. Just select the search result you want to share and choose Share with Customer from within action menu to pre-populate an e-mail with the information you want to share.

Use as Solution

You can now search the knowledge base, pin related articles, and mark relevant articles as a solution to a ticket you are working within the browser client. Articles marked as a solution will display under a new Solution Tab within Solution Search in the Related Item Navigation Pane. Combined with automated steps defined within the Cherwell automation engine, you can automatically resolve a ticket by updating the status and adding a new journal entry for resolution details.


Approvals are a critical component of any ITSM or ESM workflow. Cherwell Service Management 10.2 introduces an enhanced approvals process that provides a streamlined and more consistent experience for administrators, technicians, and customers.

The new approvals engine provides greater control over how Approvals are configured, enabling you to:

  • Define denial thresholds – set the number of denials permitted within a business object to manage rejections and progression of the ticket
  • Create Approver Workgroups – defined groups of users, teams, or customers who can be assigned as approvers, reuse groups across multiple approval blocks
  • Create approvals for Customer Workgroups
  • Configure approval emails attached to their parent records, providing greater context for subsequent users who access the record
  • Define approval delegates to avoid down-times when the primary approver is unavailable

Business Object Lifecycle

Enhanced business object lifecycle management lets you publish the business object lifecycle as part of a blueprint or as its own blueprint. The new lifecycle editor makes for a quicker and more intuitive lifecycle, showing what requirements need to be met in order to progress your ticket and allowing you to track the progress as it goes. It serves as a single area to create and edit a lifecycle for your business object.

Promoted Group Objects 

Promoting a Business Object to a Group Leader status via a mApp now correctly captures the transitions that occur in the promotion process. The process associates records and, where necessary, adds existing objects as members of the new Group.

This enhanced feature reduces mApp installation and publication time and effort by eliminating previous conflicts that could occur between new group objects and their previous non-promoted versions. 

Blueprint Consolidation 

With the new consolidated blueprint feature, you can manage all changes between systems in a single blueprint, eliminating complexity and the need to publish a sequence of blueprints in order. This frees you to define shorter change windows and focus on testing and validation instead of publishing blueprints.

With the new consolidated blueprints, you can easily migrate an entire feature from one system to another. For example, you can develop a feature on the Development system and then migrate it to Test for user testing, and finally migrate it to Production — all using a single blueprint. 

Enhanced Reporting with Power BI 

Cherwell Service Management 10.2 streamlines integrating with the Microsoft Power BI business intelligence platform. You no longer need to download and install the Power BI Data Connector from Cherwell; it’s now included within Power BI. 

With the enhanced reporting capability, you can now browse your available stored searches and grids for each Cherwell Business Object from within Power BI. This gives you a convenient way of accessing your data in the correct format and without needing a specific stored search URL in advance. 

CSM 10.2 makes it easy to refresh published reports using a schedule you can define via the Power BI Service. And with a Power BI Pro license, you can now share your reports and dashboards via the Microsoft Power BI cloud service.  

Network Health Check 

Improved network performance monitoring and management will make it easier for admins to work with technicians having connection issues. New capabilities include:

  • Run a network test back to Cherwell server via either the rich or web client 
  • Review health check data for previous tests 
  • Troubleshoot the technician’s ability to leverage Cherwell on their network
  • Quickly troubleshoot connectivity issues 

Event Management

CSM 10.2 introduces enhanced Event Management capability. The Event Business Object has been promoted to Major Object status and converted to a Group Object. We’re introducing two new event types: Network and Security. These events follow the same workflows as those found in the Event Operations of the Cherwell Information Security management System, only now using the out-of-the-box Incident Object, the same one we use for standard ITSM incident management, rather than the ISMS Security Incident,

The new Event Management Dashboard provides at-a-glance tracking and status of events as they move through their lifecycle, helping to ensure a more streamlined and secure handling of these events.

AWS Cloud Management mApp

The new AWS Cloud Management mApp Solution provides improved visibility and control of your deployed resources from the AWS Service Catalog. The new mApp lets you securely connect to the AWS catalog from within Cherwell Service Management to request resources, manage approvals, and monitor usage of your AWS environment. Managing AWS services from within CSM provides a single experience for managing resources and ensuring security and governance of your cloud environment.

If you're a Cherwell customer, you can download this new release by visiting the Cherwell Support Portal. If you're interested in learning more about CSM 10.2, a detailed list of new features is available here. Or a schedule a demo of Cherwell Service Management to get the full story.

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