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Posted by on March 18, 2021

When you are evaluating a software platform, consider what is most important to you. Is it existing product features, product vision and roadmap, after-the-sale services, support and education, price, or something else?   

Once you’ve prioritized your needs, there are several ways you can go about gathering information. You can:

  • Connect with salespeople eager to get your business 

  • Download a product data sheet to check product specifications

  • Watch a demonstration 

  • Ask a leading market analyst like Gartner or Forrester or check out their latest vendor landscapes 

  • Rely on “independent” comparisons from third-party sources 

  • Issue an RFx and solicit proposals 

  • Request customer references 

  • Even pay a consulting firm to evaluate your choices for you 

These are all valid ways of making a choice that you’ll live with for an extended period of time. None of them are a bad way to inform your decision, although each has its limitations. For example, you know that a vendor will never refer you to speak to a negative customer reference and software vendors don’t highlight product limitations on their websites.

I get it. It’s not about choosing any ITSM solution—it’s about choosing the right one. And given the complexities and capabilities in the service management landscape, finding that spot-on solution—and selling it through internally—isn’t always so simple. 

In Make Sense of Your Options, you’ll find more guidance on some simple, actionable best practices to take to make sense of the service management universe, including advice on how to assess what’s out there and how it impacts your users, so you can best identify the right solution for your business. You’ll discover:

  • The fundamental, advanced, and innovative capabilities that define a modern ITSM solution;

  • How to manage your selection criteria to ensure you aren’t sacrificing on efficiency, innovation, or usability;

  • What it takes to evaluate ITSM solutions; and

  • Why a strong vendor relationship is critical to success.

Once you’ve narrowed the field, there is one mandatory step you should take before making your final decision: Read customer reviews from a relevant, independent, vetted source. There are a number of these sites available, including G2, SoftwareReviews, and TrustRadius.

But it’s important to know which you can trust. Some sites are flooded with positive reviews sourced from the employee base of the vendor, or even negative reviews from competitors. Others are a mixed bag of reviews of software products or services that are not part of your evaluation set. Some are outright paid reviews.  

That is why I recommend a source like Gartner Peer Insights. Gartner provides a service where they classify reviews according to the relevant technology market, and then audits those reviews to ensure validity. Vendor or competitor-submitted reviews are not part of the rating process and do not appear on the stie. 

Gartner publishes Voice of the Customer reports that award vendors who meet certain criteria with the “Customer’s Choice” distinction. With this governance in place, you can trust that you are getting the right information to help you make the best choice for your software purchase. 

Cherwell is making the March 2021 Gartner Peer Insights ‘Voice of the Customer’: IT Service Management Tools available so you can learn more about vendors in the market, and most importantly, how these customers assess about the products and services they provide. 

We invite you to learn more about vendors in ITSM Tools from their customers directly–and to see why Cherwell received the Customer’s Choice distinction read the press release.

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