Next-Gen ITSM: Empowering IT and Service Customer

Posted by on October 18, 2017

Empowering IT and Service Customers with Next-Gen ITSM

Just five years ago IT Service Management (ITSM) was considered so mature and frankly uninteresting, that Gartner stopped tracking the market with an annual Magic Quadrant. The amount of change since then across IT and the service desk has been striking: broad adoption of Agile, rise of DevOps and public clouds, increased automation, continuous delivery, Enterprise Service Management, and now the spread of machine learning and AI into IT Operations — and this is just a partial list.

In many regards, the future is here today. How can IT and the service desk prepare and thrive?

Infographic of the 3 biggest obstacles to ITSM Success: Software, Deployment, and Administrative Complexity

With this backdrop, Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) recently ran a survey on trends in IT Service Management and published a corresponding report “Next-Generation IT Service Management, Change the Future of IT.” Here are some interesting highlights:

  • The two leading strategic priorities were
    • Improving end-user experience (internal to the business) and
    • Integrated support for security/fraud
  • The most commonly measured metrics (more than one answer was permitted):
    • Mean time to resolve incidents
    • Customer satisfaction
    • Change success rates
    • First call resolution
  • The Cloud’s two most pervasive impacts were:
    • Making asset management more challenging
    • Shortening review cycles for managing change
  • One of the fastest growing area for service management teams is support for non-IT enterprise processes and workflows such as HR, facilities, and transportation/fleet management.
  • 50 percent of respondents had more than one service desk and 60 percent of respondents had multiple service catalogs.
  • And, the greatest obstacle to ITSM success is software, deployment, and administrative complexity.

A few of these points, such as the greatest obstacle to ITSM success being software complexity, are more surprising than others. You can download a summary of the EMA report.

The future of ITSM begins today. Are you ready?

Next Up: Read the full report from Enterprise Management Associates.

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