Introducing the Cherwell AWS Cloud Management Solution

Posted by on January 11, 2021

Cherwell AWS Cloud Management Solution

Bring self-service management of your AWS Cloud environment to your Cherwell Service Management solution.

The year 2020 brought about large-scale disruptive change for most IT organizations. IT leaders revised their strategies on the fly in response to a rapidly changing landscape, with organizations scrambling to find new ways to keep operations on track. Turning to remote work and other location-independent strategies helped many organizations to accelerate their digital transformation plans. These new approaches also encouraged organizations to double-down on their cloud strategy. In a time of uncertainty, the benefits of cloud computing became more apparent than ever. IT leadership turned to the cloud for cost savings, elastic scaling of compute and storage, ensuring operational continuity, maintaining regulatory and security compliance, and reducing dependence on local data centers.

But as it always has, a move to the cloud continues to represent a number of challenges for IT organizations. The process of migrating your key workloads into the cloud or managing a hybrid cloud environment can be time-consuming and complex. And once these workloads are in place, you need ongoing management of the cloud environment that is fast and responsive—ready to change at the same pace that your business is changing overall. Managing these cloud resources should not be disruptive to the normal flow of work; you should be able to manage your cloud environment along with other IT resources and ideally using the same interfaces and processes you use to manage them. Moreover, to achieve the minimum disruption and provide the best experience, cloud management should be available via self-service.

A New Solution from Cherwell

To address these needs, Cherwell has introduced a new mergeable application (mApp) that enables you to manage your AWS environment from within your Cherwell Service Management System.

The new AWS Cloud Management solution provides improved visibility and control of your deployed resources from the AWS Service Catalog. The new application lets you securely connect to the AWS catalog from within Cherwell Service Management to request resources, manage approvals, and monitor usage of your AWS environment. Managing AWS services from within CSM provides a single experience for managing resources and governance of your AWS cloud environment.

With the new solution you can:

  • Provision and orchestrate services from the AWS Service Catalog through a seamless integration with Cherwell’s ITSM Self-Service Portal
  • Achieve better visibility and control of your deployed resources through governance, approvals, and processes automated through the Cherwell CORE platform
  • Provide a single experience for your users to request, terminate, approve, and view resources deployed from your AWS Service Catalog from CSM
  • Enforce IT security and governance for your hybrid cloud environment

Cherwell AWS Cloud Management Solution

Speed, Visibility, and Control

Instant access to AWS services from within your Cherwell environment enables seamless management of your  AWS cloud environment. With the AWS Cloud Management Solution, you can deliver a personalized set of AWS cloud services and templates from within Cherwell Service Management to provide visibility and control across your entire hybrid cloud environment, improving the productivity and efficiency of your IT team.

From one unified self-service portal, you can:

  • Automate AWS provisioning and CMDB updates
  • Enforce IT security and governance for your hybrid cloud environment
  • Simplify your cloud service experience

The AWS Cloud Management solution brings enhanced speed, visibility, and control to managing your cloud resources. The intuitive self-service experience accelerates requesting and automating permission-based management of cloud resources based on AWS services and templates. The portal provides transparency into your AWS-hosted applications and services, providing usage data critical to managing costs.

The Cherwell Advantage

The AWS Cloud Management solution provides centralized governance and control of your AWS cloud services and resources, including inactivity warnings. Cherwell ITSM unifies and automates AWS cloud services, allowing you to manage hybrid cloud operations with greater efficiency from a single service platform. Cherwell’s automation and standardized AWS templates reduce time and manual effort to boost your productivity.

Cherwell’s configuration management database (CMDB) is automatically updated as you create and modify your AWS environment. Security and compliance policies are enforced in real-time.

The integration of AWS’ monitoring services into Cherwell Service Management enables rapid detection, auto-creation, and faster resolution of incidents that occur in the AWS environment. AWS generates Cherwell Incident tickets with contextual data for rapid resolution. Additionally, the solution makes it easy to set up user entitlements to enable filtering available services.

Best of all, you can leverage all these benefits while experiencing the operational efficiencies of time and cost savings provided by streamlined workflow automation.

Powered by Action Blocks

This solution is built using Cherwell’s Action Blocks. Action Blocks enable you to build automated workflow actions into a single reusable block to simplify development and integration. Using a single action block, you can interact with APIs to authenticate, pass parameters, get data, run actions, and more.  With these reusable blocks, you can combine the separate steps of a complex workflow into a single, callable action. You can then adapt that reusable action (along with its component parts) to solve other business problems—that is, to manage similar or related workflows.

Capabilities such as Action Blocks further enhance the flexibility and adaptability of your ITSM environment. Combined with the elastic scaling of compute and storage enabled by AWS Cloud services and the seamless integration to these services made possible by the AWS Cloud Management solution, Cherwell Service Management enables the responsive environment that IT organizations need for the challenges they face today and the disruptive changes yet to come.

The Cherwell AWS Cloud Management application is available now from the Cherwell Marketplace.

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