ESM’s Moment Has Arrived: Meet Today's Challenges with ESM

Posted by on April 03, 2020

ESM's Moment Has Arrived

A few weeks ago, it was not too surprising when businesses began adopting very different models of operation in response to the massive disruption brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. What might be more surprising, as we have time to consider the changes, is that many of the temporary measures businesses have put in place will lead to lasting, if not permanent changes. 

Best Practices for Now...and Later

But is it a surprise? At Cherwell, our focus for some time has been on helping businesses to drive IT operational maturity, elevate employee and customer experiences, and drive business results through IT. As it turns out, these drivers are key to implementing the kinds of changes organizations are putting in place to ensure business continuity in the face of extreme disruption. As outlined on our COVID-19 resource page, and detailed in our new ITSM Handbook for Remote Workforce Enablement, the key best practices for service management that businesses must adopt in the wake of the crisis are:

  • Enable Self-Service Support

  • Enable Employees

  • Deliver Knowledge 

  • Provide Collaborative Support

  • Extend Remote Services Beyond IT

Each of these best practices is tied to modernizing IT infrastructure, enhancing experiences, and leveraging IT innovation. This is why you may have noticed the significant overlap between the best practices we’re outlining and the new capabilities we described when introducing CSM 10.0 last month. Smart collaboration and self-service, omni-channel access, and leveraging intelligence are critical not only in managing the current crisis, but in defining the future of service management. And this is equally true for our new product, Cherwell Service Management Enterprise (CSMe), which we announced along with CSM 10.0 and which has just become generally available.

A Suite of Capability

Cherwell Service Management Enterprise brings a full suite of pre-built enterprise service management tools (ESM) together in a single product offering:

Cherwell CORE
HR Service Management (HRSM)
Project and Portfolio Management (PPM)
Information Security Management (ISM)
Facilities Service Management (FSM)

Aside from the CORE platform and the ITSM solution, which were always at the heart of CSM, each of these solutions was previously available as a separate purchase or an add-on. Now Cherwell is extending the value of our service management capability and no-code platform to the enterprise in a single product offering.

Many Challenges, One Solution

Cherwell Service Management Enterprise combines unprecedented capability and value in a single product offering. The suite includes the CORE platform, our comprehensive ITSM solution—supporting 11 Pink Verified ITIL practices—and the four bundled enterprise service management solutions named above. Unlike other ESM solutions, which require additional software licenses for each new capability, CSMe includes all of the capabilities listed above in a single license.

Each of these mApps (mergeable applications) can serve as an out-of-the box solution or the basis for a customized solution.

Shared Services  

Bringing these different service management capabilities together in a single platform aligns with the strategy of adopting a shared services model, which we have highlighted as one of the best practices for managing a remote workforce. A shared services model enables organizations to leverage the common patterns of IT service management to new areas within the business—HR, Facilities, Security, etc.—without having to reinvent the wheel each time. A shared services model enables organizations to standardize reliable service delivery, eliminate service duplication and business unit silos, centralize service data and promote efficiency, and scale up over time to increase functionality. Clearly, these are critical success factors for responding to severe business disruption, but they are not limited to that scenario. 

The inherent value of a shared services model is a major factor in many of our customers' choosing to use the Cherwell CORE platform for more than just ITSM. With Cherwell Service Management Enterprise, we’re equipping our customers with a solid foundation for service management across the enterprise, and a clear path for building on that foundation. Many of our customers who have already added pre-built solutions from the Cherwell Marketplace—or developed new solutions of their own using the Cherwell CORE platform—continue to expand the business problems they are addressing with Cherwell Service Management. 

Now Is the Time

Massive business disruption and the move to a remote workforce model demand greater speed and flexibility in deploying services and managing incidents as they occur. Ensuring productivity and an engaging employee experience has never been more urgent. CSMe delivers these capabilities both to meet today’s challenges and the challenges to come. 

CSMe is available as a standalone package or bundled with Cherwell Virtual Agent to provide an even more complete ESM experience. Make the move today.

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