Case Study


Teams rely on Cherwell for ticketing and tasks
Organizations represented on dashboards
Tickets logged in two years

Wholesale bank moves from manual to automated processes, improving customer service and business transparency

The Challenge

AgriBank’s 55-member IT service delivery team serves 17 Farm Credit Associations across 15 states. The bank’s IT team found itself struggling to connect with and serve those Farm Credit Associations and internal AgriBank departments due to an inflexible ticketing tool that caused inconsistency in service delivery. Furthermore, they did not have a self-service portal, and nearly all teams who interacted with customers relied on email.

Along with HR, finance, and other non-IT departments, AgriBank’s IT team created a vision for a brighter future. They identified everything their ideal tool would do, including tracking of customer interactions and reporting. They narrowed their search to two solutions, and installed and tested both for a month. An auditor reviewed the results, and AgriBank selected Cherwell® Service Management to serve as the company’s service management platform.

"Now our executive team has the ability, at the click of a button, to go into Cherwell and see the status of all of the strategic projects that we have going on across the Bank." - Tim Short - Service Delivery Manager, Information Services for the AgriBank IT Group

The Solution

Nearly 30 groups who interact with bank customers—including the treasury call center, project management, risk management, and the accounting department now rely on Cherwell for task and workflow automation, and departments across the organization continue to reach out to the service delivery team for help improving their own processes. The end result is a single source of information that improves transparency and customer service across the organization.

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Business Impact

  • Quantifiable workload metrics to justify additional resource requests
  • Simplified project management to ensure compliance with new capital regulations
  • Significant progress in information accessibility, leading to productivity improvements

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